We seek out and support individuals with a commitment to public service and a vision for their communities.  Legacy offers practical ways to develop skills in leadership, cross-cultural communications, and creative and critical thinking.  By mentoring them through the practical application phase, we ensure they become more effective leaders and coalition builders.

Legacy uses a very specific leadership development methods that gives proven results. Whether we are working with young adults, business professionals, or consulting with NGOs and government officials, the methodology is basically the same.

We begin with the character and values presenting the people and society we are working with.  Within that cultural context, we emphasize those aspects of character and values that are needed for effective, positive leadership.

Through certain training experiences, Legacy aims to add the spark of vision – a vision of what is possible.  Because if people lack hope, if they can’t see a future for themselves and their families and their people, this is what turns them toward hopelessness and extremism.

To that is added specific knowledge base and skill training — tools that can be actively used to address real and present needs.  Many programs stop there – with the training.  But upon this foundation, Legacy adds yet another element:  application.

We invite and support participants to choose an issue or need they are particularly concerned about and to apply what they have learned in a project or initiative – so the information, concepts, and skills they have been exposed to are put to very practical use.   We provide mentoring and support as these learners go through the trail-and-error part of their application phase – as they gain insight, problem-solving skills, and a true grasp of what it means to work for positive change.

From that point, a person becomes independent of Legacy’s support, and able to operate with great effectiveness on their own.

Leadership development at Shymkent State University“One of the most stunning turns of events in my Legacy experience was being called a leader.  Legacy opened my eyes to the reality of the working world; I saw that it takes longer than a half an hour to resolve a problem, and that life just isn’t perfect all the time. But they also taught me that my voice counted among the multitudes, as long as I had an idea worth considering.”
Kim Foo Chow