ProFellows Alumni Building Peace in Tripoli, Lebanon

In addition to SHiFT’s many initiatives, recent demands to combat food shortages throughout the city inspired the creation of The Social Grocery, a non-profit founded by local Tripolians in partnership with SHiFT. The Social Grocery is the very first non-profit store in Lebanon providing necessary goods such as beans, rice, soap, and sanitary napkins, among other needed goods.

Global Viewpoints Forum: In Search of the Common Good

Even a cursory read of recent newspaper headlines reveals that America- like much of the world-is in a state of deep division over issues of justice, fairness, equality and equity. How do we achieve these outcomes while working for the common good? And furthermore, what is the common good? Whether you have attended before, or are new to the forum, we welcome everyone to join the conversation Thursday, June 18th at 12 EST on Zoom.