State of Entrepreneurship   

“There’s a transformative shift in business, and what worked before is no longer an option. It’s time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators, and changemakers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century.” Tony Hsieh, Founder of Zappos

In a time of constant and global change, the way businesses operate also demands a breath of fresh air –an economic sector that can offer what we desperately need in terms of health care, education and employment. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, social entrepreneurship finds innovative strategies to deliver efficient public services and strengthen the economy… revolutionizing how companies connect with clients and how they make a difference.” 5 reasons why social entrepreneurship matters

“Some entrepreneurs achieve their goal for material success, but their effect on the world is disbalancing, contributing to deteriorating trust for our leaders , broken institutions, and a growing list of human, economic and political challenges. Many entrepreneurs are “winning but the Next Generations are losing.” Reimaging Entrepreneurship

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Global Transformation Corps (GTC) was born with one laser focused thought – the necessity to empower sustainable initiatives globally in business and social sectors. GTC mobilizes values based, next generation(NextGen) emerging leaders (20-35 years) providing the skill set and support necessary to build resilient businesses and socially impactful ventures.

GTC’s approach is two-fold: Live training and coaching events for a select cohort of social entrepreneurs so they can launch and scale their ventures; and a purposeful online network of impact investors, expert coaches and NextGen entrepreneurs dedicated to shifting the world to sustainable economies.

GTC is built on five decades of Legacy International’s  and Entwine Digital’s expertise and network of emerging leaders. All ventures are committed to the Quadruple Bottom Line:  People, Planet, Profit, and Progress.  


  • Since 2010 through $7 million in grants, Legacy International’s professional development programs have trained and supported more than 500 emerging leaders and entrepreneurs globally in executing local, sustainable social and business ventures. They are powerful resource waiting to be developed and scaled.
  • Recently, Legacy International has been awarded a $1.4M grant to support 100 emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from the Middle East- North Africa (MENA) region and USA committed to empowering their communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, socially responsible businesses, and workforce development.
  • During the past five years, Entwine Digital has prepared and consulted with executives on five continents in leadership, digital marketing and organization transformation.
  • GTC 20+ member global team expert is multicultural, intergenerational and passionately committed to building GTC.
  • In Spring 2018, GTC will beta test components of our unique curriculum and network with the above MENA NextGen entrepreneurs. GTC international expert team will provide participants with:
    • values-based leadership mindset
    • design based business model building methodologies
    • focus groups to shape offerings based on regional needs
    • coaching on their impact ventures

Global Expert’s Reflections

Global, Europe: “In a world suffering from cynicism, manipulation, and broken social values, there is a need for transformation. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need to measure social impacts and benefits to society and no longer just profit and shareholder value but stakeholder values! GTC is a social entrepreneurship platform that celebrates values, collaboration and cooperation and not individual performance.” Aissa Azzouzi CFO global nonprofit

Global, USA: “This initiative is focused on driving large scale change by creating a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs and innovators to join forces on creating practical, sustainable solutions to the world’s most important problems. It will use Legacy International’s and Entwine Digital’s time-tested teams and methods to train and provide social entrepreneurs with the latest values-driven management skills to empower them to successfully complete new sustainable programs.Dr. Stephen Gomes- global management expert working 40 yrs entrepreneurship and investment (100+ countries)

Bangladesh, USA: “The business world is undergoing a gradual shift. The very role of business is changing from a pure instrument of profit to an instrument of value creation for society. GTC will work as a catalyst to speed up this process. It has time tested, values-based training expertise in leadership, social entrepreneurship and digital transformation. It will bring together a worldwide network of values-based entrepreneurs, investors and policy professionals that foster resource exchanges for betterment of this world.” Dr. Ishrat Ali, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, successful entrepreneur Bangladesh

Europe, Africa: “Europe is struggling to cope with two related challenges on its southeastern borders: the economic stagnation of former conflict areas; and the influx of newcomers escaping conflict and climate disasters. These challenges are related in that they negatively affect youth the most, diminishing their chances for education, skills development and livelihood creation. This has the potential to produce a downward spiral of inter-generational poverty and social instability that sews the seeds for future conflicts. The GTC approach to strengthen the opportunities of young social entrepreneurs is therefore urgently needed to start reversing this trend.” Dr. Jeff Balch, Former Director: Research & Evaluation, AWEPA (European Parliamentarians with Africa)

GCC Countries: “This is the most important time in history where genuine sustainable entrepreneurship is critical for the development of a new generation. The megatrends in tech, demographics, urbanization and a tectonic shift away from the more developed economies has made it critical for the newly developing countries and young people to gain hope and strategy to deliver a future.   Hope with empowerment is the strategic game-changer! This is what GTC can provide.  GTC Team has an unflinching belief and dedication to this cause. That is why they need to be supported to provide this platform and succeed in delivering results globally.”  Tariq Qureishy, Founder CEO of Mad Talks, social entrepreneur, media professional with leadership roles in Dow Jones Markets, Bloomberg Media, The Times & Sunday Times

Near East, USA: “Legacy International’s track record of twenty years conducting successful regional leadership and capacity building exchanges for young professionals is remarkable and a powerful asset to help Middle East North African youth realize their hopes for a better future.  Jobs, financial security, and economic development are the trifecta for success in the MENA region: The GTC is primed to leverage LI’s regional network of 600 professional fellows digitally to provide essential leadership training vital to catalyzing regional economic change.” Pendleton Agnew, Public Diplomacy Officer, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, U.S. Department of State

Participants’ Reflections

Georgia: “By being part of Legacy’s (GTC) emerging young leaders program you get to appreciate the genuine connections, valuable knowledge and boosted motivation that this interaction brings. Legacy’s team puts countless efforts in empowering young leaders, as they become global change-makers and entrepreneurs. They hit upon important principles that its so easy to lose sight of in day-to-day life. Thank you for helping us re-focus in such an engaging, inspiring and memorable ways!” Ninutsa Nino Nanitashvili – Head of Marketing and Business Development at Traktor; Country Director at Elva; Founder at Google Developers Group (GDG) Tbilisi; US Dept. of State, Emerging Young Leaders Awardee 2016

Morocco: “By providing training to finding solutions for community health problems, Legacy’s Global Transformation Corps provided me with a deep understanding of service as a young social entrepreneur – through its values-based entrepreneurship curriculum. This understanding helped me develop and achieve successful changes in public health throughout my country.” Mohammed Arif –Public Health Activist; Nurse; INTLImpact Awardee; US Dept. of State, North Africa Community Health Initiative 2011

Palestinian Territories: “Legacy is projecting a success story in initiating a values-driven impact on an international level. GTC empowers entrepreneurs with social values to change their communities and provide an opportunity to share the experience with international change makers.” Basel Osama – Sky Geeks Accelerator; Debate Coach – Global Shapers Gaza Hub; Business Student; US Dept. of State, Emerging Young Leaders Awardee 2016


  • Build and test our online infrastructure
  • Fund a development director to establish a sustainable impact investment/donor network
  • Design a new standard of sustainable performance metrics
  • Offer a Catalytic Leaders Lab for 30 NextGen emerging entrepreneurs   

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