My Dear Legacy Friends:

Greetings of Peace and Safety and Security to you and your families. 

At these very challenging and fearful times we have to have faith and courage, vigilance and compassion. As you have heard me say, you are the hope of the future. Your knowledge and your creativity, your concern for others, for the planet, for truth and justice and equity, cannot be taken from you by anyone or any pandemic.

I want you to know that we will struggle but we will succeed; we will overcome the obstacles that are before us today, and in the near future. Legacy International, with your help, your encouragement, your partnership, and your positive intentions will continue to help you, and others like you, to meet the future and transform the global community for the good of all.

We will be beginning a series of webinars on Zoom or a similar platform; inviting alumni and host families and host organizations/companies/legislative office to join in as we support our sequestered Legacy Community. Since we can’t leave our desks to travel the world, we will bring the world to you. It is my hope that together we will grow into a vibrant virtual interactive community. I will invite experts in many fields to join us to make brief presentations and engage in creative and informative discussions. 

Together, let’s continue our service to humanity and to our planet. We can be ready to launch our entrepreneurial businesses and services and continue our socially responsible projects as soon as we can.  Some of you are already engaged in combating the COVID-19 Virus, as young doctors and nurses, public health workers and community organizers. I pray for your health and safety and we at Legacy are grateful for your commitment and your self-sacrifice.

Personally, I am honored and proud to know all of you. You ARE the hope for the future. Don’t forget that this time of separation is an opportunity to prepare for a better, healthier and more peaceful future.

With love and respect,

J.E. Rash


Legacy International