Dr. Stephen L. Gomes.

Legacy International is pleased to announce that it has appointed Dr. Stephen L. Gomes, President of Gomes and Company, a long established business consulting firm, and former Business Professor at SUNY- Stony Brook- Korea Campus and Maastricht School of Management- Netherlands, as Co-Chair to Legacy International’s Board of Advisors. He is being brought on the Board to serve in the capacity of Funding Development Lead for Legacy’s Global Transformation Corps (GTC). 

Legacy International is a non-profit 501-(c) (3) organization based in Virginia and Washington DC that for the past 40 years has focused primarily on leadership training programs for socially responsible global change agents. Recently it joined with Entwine Digital in a strategic alliance to create a new non-profit initiative called the Global Transformation Corps (GTC). This initiative is focused on driving large scale change by creating a worldwide network of social entrepreneurs and innovators to join forces on creating practical, sustainable solutions to the world’s most important problems. GTC will use Legacy International’s and Entwine Digital’s time-tested teams and methods to train and provide social entrepreneurs with the latest values-driven management skills, empowering them to complete new and successful sustainable programs.

Legacy International equips emerging leaders to transform their values and vision into sustainable success. Its work is founded on the belief that the most effective, sustainable solutions come from strong civil society and courageous, well-equipped social innovators. Since 1979, Legacy’s team has been working to help such citizens create increasingly cooperative and productive lives for themselves and their communities. Training entrepreneurs in for-profit and non-profit sectors with an emphasis on social responsibility is a foundation for all programming.

Legacy International’s portfolio includes successful programs on 5 continents which help people to help themselves in areas of sustainable development, education, women’s empowerment, public health, entrepreneurship, conflict prevention and management, and civil society development. Legacy’s vision, mission, and operating principles are based on the travels and insights gained by its founder, J.E. Rash, in seeking practical application of universal values that have the power to unite all humanity.

Legacy has always been ahead of the curve in anticipating the needs of the global community. Today Legacy sees the creation of jobs and sustainable enterprises as primary needs and works with only the top experts to provide the very best training available. By effectively tackling economic support and job creation, GTC also combats the causes of extremism through personal development, empowerment and values based businesses and social services.

The GTC network provides a platform for integrating the three primary sectors needed to launch a successful broad scale change-agent support movement: entrepreneurs, impact investors, and experts who share a common purpose – to shift the world toward sustainable economies and generatesustainable social ventures that realign humanity’s ethical compass and fuel positive social outcomes. GTC creates a supportive, safe and trustworthy, values-based network that social entrepreneurs can relate to. This will assist them in connecting with other like-minded visionary and expert businesspeople to freely innovate; to test out their ideas, products and services; and to successfully role out their new sustainable solutions.

GTC’s purpose-driven global network propels NextGen (Millennial and Gen Z) entrepreneurs to collaborate on social solutions; use design thinking to build radical innovative business models; gain the resources and training necessary to generate practical success for their start-ups and sustainable business initiatives. Legacy International website: www.legacyintl.org

GTC website: www.GTCorps.com

GTC is currently contacting donors to raise the funds needed to roll out GTC in 2018. Its initial capital campaign calls for raising a minimum of $1,000,000.


Legacy is pleased to have a person of Dr. Gomes’ accomplishments and global experience on its team. He brings a unique blend of expertise in five interrelated worlds to the design, implementation and scaling of GTC: Business Education, Start-up Management, Technology Commercialization, Impact Investing, and Strategic Alliances (profit, nonprofit).

Dr. Gomes earned a Ph.D. in Public Management and International Relations from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, fully funded on a NASA Ph.D. fellowship.

His early career was in executive management positions with large international companies with senior responsibility for contracts with government leaders, royal family members and large corporations such as ARAMCO in Saudi Arabia and Mitsubishi Corporation in Japan. His executive duties have included extended assignments in France, Greece, China, Malaysia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Russia, Brazil, and Holland.

Dr. Gomes has helped client organizations develop over 30 strategic alliances and joint ventures including the following: developed and negotiated more than 15 public/private high-tech co-development strategic alliance agreements between major U.S. companies, universities and the Federal Research Labs with a total value of $160 million; five major supplier alliance agreements with values up to $15 million for two major U.S. Oil Companies; long term real estate asset management outsourcing alliance agreement with values up to $1 billion in real estate asset value; set up multi-party manufacturing alliance with major big three air bag manufacturing firm; assisted IBM to develop five outsourcing alliances with technology providers for the master Information Technology health care system contract for the Province of Alberta; supported negotiations and alliance discussions on behalf of 15 U.S. corporations and multinational companies with combined assets up to $10 million for each agreement.

Currently, Dr. Gomes manages Gomes & Company, which is a boutique executive consulting firm engaged in a broad range of domestic and international multi-party consulting assignments – mostly focused on high tech and finance start-ups, joint venture planning, strategy planning and execution, organization problem solving, and specialized business plan strategy and development.

Finally, Dr. Gomes is active in a number of non-profit activities and boards. He has served in the past as a director on the National Board of Advisers for the Peace Corps and the Virginia Satir Foundation. He currently is also a fellow of the Innovation Creativity and Capital Institute (IC2 ) of the Business School at the University of Texas at Austin.

As Co-Chair to Legacy’s Board of Advisors, Dr. Gomes brings not only his unique global experience (work in 100 plus countries) and sensitivities to GTC, but also more than 40 years of experience in entrepreneurship, investment and management to this role. His commitment to values-based, socially responsible business is in harmony with Legacy International’s four decades of service, trainings and leadership that it has provided to individuals, organizations, governmental agencies and businesses on five continents.


Entwine Digital was established in 2006 as a values-driven digital marketing boutique group. Led by Dr. Ira Kaufman, Entwine has assembled a global team spanning three worlds – business, non-profit, and education – to craft sustainable solutions in the digital marketplace. The 20-member team consists of innovators who empower executives and aspiring leaders with purposeful, impact-driven digital strategies that transform organizations, catalyze change, and generate sustained growth.

Entwine Digital’s passion is purposeful organizational transformation and propelling sustainable change. We see our institutions facing the challenges of a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. How do managers, politicians, educators, and executives operate, strategize and execute in such a chaotic environment? Entwine Digital believes that the journey must begin with rediscovering values — building trust, propelling empathy, igniting sustainability, and providing transparency. These are the foundations of a Catalytic Mindset. Executives experience a catalytic moment when they leap into a totally new mindset and a new set of behaviors. They must let go of their assumptions and preconceptions of what is… and what they anticipate will happen. They just need to guide the change!

This mindset prepares organizations for Digital Transformation by addressing core business challenges and revealing unprecedented opportunities in their digital ecosystem. Through complete integration of a company’s digital presence, Entwine guides clients through discovery of new business models, transitioning into the network economy, and developing the agility to succeed in the changing global corporate landscape. Entwine digital strategists work with companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups on their social branding and integrated digital marketing and transformation strategies.

Entwine Digital websites: www.entwinedigital.comhttps://thinkcatalytic.com/

Dr. Kaufman is co-author of Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values(2nd edition) and Strategic Harmony: Solutions to our Shattered World (expected 2018).