Today, and every day at Legacy International, is about gaining perspective and applying practical ways to address needs. By seeing through the eyes of others, listening and feeling the needs and the hopes of our fellow human beings, we have proven we can implement change for the common good. The process I call “Creating a New Tomorrow Today.”  

Our model is not complicated because it is based on who we are in our essence: We are all born essentially good. (We have never seen an ‘evil baby’!) We just strive in every possible way to sustain that goodness, support it, help direct it, use it for the Common Good. With Compassion, Peace, Justice, Love and Service as our foundation and template, I truly believe that bigotry, prejudice, inequality and inequity, negativity cannot survive. I feel that our Mission/ Transmission is evidence of the transforming capacities of people, youth and adults, that is needed to change the world, alter the course of human self-destruction and selfishness to one of self-respect and selflessness. 

Let us stay united in a dynamic vision of an attainable and sustainable future so that the Legacy we are creating will be gladly picked up and enhanced by those who we train, inspire and who come after us.  

J.E. Rash – Founder & President

Silver Linings 

Throughout this year, we are bolstered by the actions and insights of our global network of transformative leaders. 

The Professional Fellows Program alumni have implemented Initiatives addressing environmental sustainability, recovery and peacebuilding in Lebanon, and online leadership courses in remote areas of Algeria. Read some of the highlight stories here.

TechGirls stepped up and into leadership positions during COVID designing ways to protect the public and educate peers learning remotely. Read their impact stories here.

Through our Global Viewpoints Forums we offered 25 sessions for 750 people featuring timely guest presenters and community dialogues. Catch up here

Our LivingSidebySideⓇ (LSBS) training is offering teacher training to really move the needle on social justice. Read more here

2020 has tested all of us in so many ways. Our thanks go out to all who are essential and front-line workers. Our prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones, battled illness, survived wildfires and the devastations of hurricanes, monsoons, typhoons and more. We salute all those who took up concrete actions and are fighting for social justice. Thank you to all those doing whatever part you can to ease the burdens of others. We have heard from alumni around the globe and our hearts are with you. For Legacy International, resilience has taken many forms. As a team we have rallied around shared beliefs, evaluated strengths and leaped into new arenas. Staff members contracted and thankfully recovered from COVID, assistance was applied for and granted, programs were cancelled and we pivoted to offer comparable virtual experiences. 

Read more on how we pivoted here

Staff Reflections