My Dear Young Leaders for the future. As we end 2017 across the world with celebrations and hope for a better future we have to remember that each year brings challenges and opportunities. Many people lost their livelihood and lives in 2017 due to war and poverty, natural disasters and illnesses that perhaps could have been cured if resources were available and research funded. We enter 2018 with hope and prayers that the differences and the enmity of the past will be addressed with vision and wisdom and values that are Universal and sustained. You are the hope of 2018 and beyond. You are the future we all strive to make a living reality. You are the visionaries, entrepreneurs, socially responsible courageous global citizens. As I write this tonight just an hour away from New Year in the USA , there are protests in Iran, wars across the world , drastic effects of global warming and at the same time your brilliant light, your dreams and vision, your programs, project and service are a beacon of hope for all humanity. You are the Legacy I had envisioned 40 years ago, you are the dream coming true. Let us all work together, strive together, pray together, serve together to make 2018 a transformative year, creating more leadership opportunity, more success , more collaboration more PEACE.

Happy New Year my dear friends.


Founder President

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