At Legacy International we believe that the most effective and sustainable solutions come from strong civil society and social innovators. Training professionals in for-profit and non-profit sectors with an emphasis on creating new employment opportunities and supporting critical social ventures is a foundation for all programming. Legacy staff and its Teams of Excellence (TM) design customized training programs that increase the potential for success and foster values of social entrepreneurship.

For Business, Private Sector, Civil Society, Non-Governmental, & Charity Organizations

  • Project Management: Program Management & Project Leadership; Strategic Leadership; Program Design; Implementation; Designing and Managing monitoring systems; What to do if…
  • Finance and Accounting: Global Issues in Accounting and Information Systems; Financial and Economic Environment of Business; Accounting Information for Executive Decision Making
  • Public Relations and Advertising: Principles of Public Relations; Social Media / Digital Media Engagement
  • Measurement and Evaluation: From Goals and Objectives to Results; Logic Frame Model / Theory of Change
  • Starting a New Organization: Mission, Vision, and Values; Designing and Managing Organizations
  • Management / Crisis Management: Efficiency and Effectiveness; Managed sustainability; Leading During Crisis
  • Marketing and Sales: Marketing Principles; Business Negotiations
  • Gaining Support: Private Foundation Funding; Government Funding; Attracting Private Donors; Events and Campaigns; In-kind contributions; Crowdfunding
  • Human Resources: Professional staff; Recruiting, motivating, and Retaining volunteers; Branding your identity and Services
  • Sector specific themes: Professional Development for Teachers; Youth or Women’s Development; Entrepreneurship / Intrapreneurship; Peacebuilding and Conflict Reduction for Professional Educators; Other themes by request. 


Current Programs

Professional Fellows Program (PFP): Economic Development – for the Middle East and North Africa is a fully funded 6-week program (including a 4-week fellowship placement) in the U.S. for young professionals from Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia who are committed to empowering their communities through innovation and entrepreneurship, socially responsible businesses, and workforce development. Fellows learn effective practices in business management (developing a business plan, financing and accounting, human resource management, marketing, strategic planning, and networking, etc.); principles of social entrepreneurship and increase the ability to run effective community outreach and public relations campaigns; Best practices from American colleagues in workforce development, gain exposure to models and innovative and practical ideas and tools in increase effectiveness of these programs; Increase the ability to think “outside of the box,” and spark creative, innovative approaches to problems, products, and marketplaces; Acquire new skills and strategies to engage effectively with policymakers and government officials; and Form new or improved strategic partnerships. (2017-present)

Emerging Young Leaders Award Program – recognizes 10 young people (ages 18-24) around the world for their efforts to create positive social change in challenging environments. Young people from around the world are nominated by their embassies and ten are chosen by the State Department to receive this prestigious award. The leaders travel to the U.S. for three weeks and take part in job shadows, professional development workshops, cultural activities and exchange opportunities as well as one-on-one mentorship with professionals in their industry or working with their cause/issue of interest. By investing in and connecting emerging leaders with networks, organizations, and resources that can bolster their efforts to enact positive change, we’re supporting a brighter future. (2016-present) 

Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program (SYLEP) –  SYLEP is a multi-phased leadership experience for 32 Saudi university students or recently-graduated  students between the ages of 22-26 and 3 U.S. Cultural Ambassadors (juniors or seniors in undergrad, or graduate students and recent graduates). SYLEP 2018 seeks to build leadership skills, civic responsibility, appreciation for cultural diversity, community engagement, and volunteerism. Participants will visit various organizations, learning about a wide range of project models and youth leadership opportunities, and participate in community service. (2014-present) 

LivingSidebySide®(LSBS): Professional Development for Teachers and Youth Workers is a values–based, transformative approach to overcome prejudice and bias. It is an effective evidence-based tool for teachers, youth workers, and students that catalyzes the classroom or after school setting into environments of mutual respect and equity. One to five day trainings include: Training of Trainers; Interactive modules for youths; On-going support for teachers/youth workers; Continuing education credits or recertification points. The Complete program focuses on social and emotional learning, dynamic skill building, and essential civic action.

Past Programs

  • Legislative Fellows Program
  • North Africa Community Health Initiative
  • Kyrgyz Women’s Initiative
  • Community Connections: Inclusive Education
  • Religion and Society Program-Indonesia
  • Responsible Governance, Civic Education and Citizen Participation in Central Asia