Kaoutar starts MoroCode

TechGirls 2018: Kaoutar is 16 years old and lives in Fes Morocco.  Kaoutar’s dream job is working on artificial intelligence technologies that have benefits to people with disabilities.  She does  a great deal of community service including leading computer science classes for children in hospitals and children’s’ homes.  During her TechGirls 2018 experience, she decided that upon return home she wanted to offer coding classes to other young people.  In October, she started MoroCode classes with a group of five  junior students (15 / 16 yo). Over time, the club expanded and  became nine students eager to develop their coding skills and learn more about the tech field. After 18 weeks of coding with 2 hour sessions per week, the MoroCoders have now completed a 36 hours formation, where Kaoutar taught HTML5 CSS3 and AppInventor, using some of the resources given at Virginia Tech University. The students were also introduced to C++ Programming Language during the last 6 weeks of the program. “It was an amazing experience for me to create the first tech club in my school, become a teacher and share my passion for technology with the MoroCoders. Finally, I feel that I have reached my aim by planting the seeds of  love for technology and affecting their lives positively.”

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