Nouran loves improving systems

TechGirls 2018:  Nouran is 16 years old and attends a STEM school in Egypt.  She dedicates her time to service.  Nouran particularly enjoys AppInventor for addressing issues and created an app with a friend demonstrating water saving ideas.  She dreams of combining nanotechnology with medicine.  After returning to Egypt in August, Nouran  embarked on designing CreateALegacy, an app that will aim to get more people involved in community service and is working with another TechGirl Aya to promote its use and beta test it.  Inspired by TechGirls program, Nouran also created a prototype to address problems that face industry in Egypt. The prototype will help to increase the efficiency of factories in Egypt. The goal is to encourage  factories to  use smart technology and save money. She hopes to take her preventative maintenance workshop into factories. Nouran thinks strategically and wants to make life better for people in Egypt.