Baltimore police commissioner meets with participants, illustrating the value of cross-sector collaboration.

With all of our programs we aim to build capacity in individuals and community-based organizations. For the furthest reaching positive impact, we engage multiple sectors of society, including policy makers, non-governmental organizations, local business, community organizers, and educators. Our programs help these actors to conceive agendas for change, generate action plans for sustainable solutions, build coalitions, and gain the skills and tools they need to envision and implement sustainable solutions to their most frustrating problems.

capacity building modelBy strengthening local communities and fostering a culture of participation, it is possible to build a robust civil society and develop opportunities for the next generation, commercial enterprises for the global marketplace, and a stable economic future for all.

Some of our methods include:

  • Gathering key stakeholders to determine critical needs and chart a plan for improvement
  • Training community leaders in organizational management, strategic planning, networking, conflict prevention, leadership development and evaluation techniques.
  • Monitoring implementation of action plans, providing coaching, mentorship, and additional training.
  • Supporting action plans with mini-grants for specific innovative initiatives.
  • Promoting replication of models through networking and social media.
  • Certification of leaders and educators to train other emerging civic leaders.