Legacy International equips global young leaders & entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art training to help them successfully transform their local communities. By weaving a tapestry of collaboration with values as the common thread, sustainable legacies of equity, compassion, justice, and respect are created.

Our Values:

  • We recognize the constructive and stabilizing role that rule of law and informed and motivated citizen participation plays in a community’s success.
  • We recognize the values of the community, encouraging those we work with to draw on the strengths of their religious and cultural values.
  • We demonstrate how  technological know-how enhances the efficacy of all projects .
  • We offer comprehensive strategies of management and leadership, making organizations and individuals models of accountability, ethical practices, and efficiency.
  • We follow through after programs; offering organizations and individuals a progressive array of services and specialized support as they face new obstacles and achieve new successes.

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“Each of us is shaping history.  Each of us can help direct the course of the future: toward greed, self-centeredness, and violence—or toward peace, security, and well-being for all.” J.E. Rash (President and Founder, Legacy International)