Dear friends and supporters:

Legacy International President and Founder, J.E. Rash

Today, and every day at Legacy International, is about gaining perspective and applying practical ways to address needs. By seeing through the eyes of others, listening and feeling the needs and the hopes of our fellow human beings, we have proven we can implement change for the common good. The process I call “Creating a New Tomorrow Today.”  

For the past four decades, we at Legacy International have had a mandate to promote mutual respect based on universal values, and to build and strengthen communities around the world. To that end, we train and support the transformative leaders who are committed to tolerance, social cohesion, socially responsible enterprises and peaceful societies. Whether in the area of entrepreneurship, health and education, environment, tolerance, women’s empowerment, sustainable development, or good governance, we are creating a positive Legacy every day.

I am constantly inspired by the highly skilled and motivated young leaders we train and work with. Helping them to refine their skills and, through our networks, realize their vision and achieve their goals gives me hope every day for a better, more equitable, more tolerant, more unified world.

Since March 2020, Legacy has pivoted to create engaging and inspiring virtual exchange experiences directly serving over 1500 participants from more than 25 different countries.

Our long-term relationship with the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs has enabled hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world to advance in their careers and provide services and products that will continue to bring progress and opportunities to their fellow citizens. Private funders have supported our ongoing relationships with the alumni of our trainings and built a stronger foundation for developing new opportunities globally to scale up and out our work through our Teams of Excellence (global leaders and experts who are available to Legacy International). I am thankful for all of our staff and everyone who is a part of this work. Together with our amazing alumni, partners, and donors, Legacy works diligently to serve those who seek to benefit their communities and lead their countries into a peaceful, healthy, and economically sustainable future.

JE Rash, Founder and President