Youth Leadership Program: Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu: Adult Educator – Application

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) with Fiji, Tonga, and Tuvalu is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State and administered by Legacy International.   The program is five months in length including a three-week virtual exchange program from August 16-September 5, followed by four  months of community action plans.   Twenty–two high school students and three adult educators from the three countries will be selected to participate and gain valuable training in community leadership and environmental sustainability. 

Adult Educator Profile: One STEAM educator from each of the participating countries will be selected.The candidate will gain new skills in youth leadership development, environmental engineering and learning techniques to combine in-person-classroom learning with virtual instruction. He/she will guide young leaders through a 5-month experience culminating in the implementation of community-based projects.  Adult Educators will be trained to facilitate and assist youths as they complete assignments given by US instructors.  These may be computer based or hands-on STEAM lab projects.  Educators will coordinate logistical arrangements for the group instruction days (transportation, lunches, and meeting space set up.)  You will escort teens on site visits and welcome any guest presenters.  Your feedback to the Legacy team on how lessons are being received or any technical challenges will help the program be successful.  During the community-based project phase, the Adult Educator will mentor specific individual and student pairings.

Adult Educator applicant must:

  • Be a citizen or resident living in Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu (applicants with dual U.S. citizenship are ineligible);
  • Be a teacher, trainer, and/or community leader who works with youth in STEAM fields;
  • Have proficiency in English;
  • Have experience taking courses or teaching courses on-line;
  • Demonstrate positive leadership and service;
  • Exhibit a high level of open-mindedness, flexibility, and interpersonal skills;
  • Have the ability to work cooperatively in a team and appreciate the opinions of others; and
  • Be willing to take on the role of offering instructional support, coordinating logistics and committing to the continued mentorship of youth participants through the community project phase.

There is no application fee.  The United States Government will pay for all costs to participate in the program, including travel to and from the classroom sites, lunches each day we are together, and other incidentals.

Application Tips:

Special Application Deadline for Fiji applicants : April 23, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time USA

Questions should be addressed to:

Instructions for completing this application:  Please fill out the application and answer all questions carefully and completely in English. The information you provide on this application will provide the basis for selecting participants for this program.  Semi-finalists will be contacted for an interview (either in person or virtually) in March and final notifications will be made in April.

We recommend you try to complete the application in one sitting. There are 6 short essays required. You can Save and continue later. An email will be sent to you with the link to continue. Be sure to check your email and spam folder if you choose to do that.

Reference: Please submit one reference. Send an email with this link to a colleague or supervisor and request they complete the form by April 23, 2021.

YLP 2021 Virtual Exchange Adult application

Please review the eligibility criteria and program details before completing an application. Special Application deadline for Fiji applicants is April 23, 2021 Pm Eastern standard time USA.
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