Wednesday, February 10th at 12pm EST

How can we re-shape our fractured society?

EmPower Us! is a roadmap to sustainability!

Our leaders have failed our TEST: Trust, Empathy, Sustainability, and Transparency are compromised, fracturing our world and challenging our humanity.

EmPower Us! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony offers tools to realign humanity and create a sustainable future. We are not satisfied with the New Normal, we challenge the status quo to create a new harmony. We integrate the mind and heart to create a sustainable world.

EmPower Us! focuses on ‘Us’ rather than ‘Me’, developing strategies to live our values, transform our mindset, engage digital technologies, and augment our stakeholders. Through collaboration, we can mend the gaps and fuel solutions to drive sustainable impact.

Ira Kaufman, Ph.D. is a Transformation Strategist, CEO, Social Entrepreneur, and Educator. For 50 years his passion is building human-centered enterprises (for profit and nonprofit). Ira’s management experience spans three worlds: business, nonprofit, and education. He challenges current leaders and emerging entrepreneurs to reinvent business models to address the five converging crises we face today globally. His company, Catalyzer Lab , works with mid-size organizations and multinationals to design values-based, social impact-driven digital marketing and transformation strategies. As a co-founder of the Global Transformation Corps, he inspires Catalyzers across generations to collaborate on enterprises that support a more harmonious planet. He co-authored and EmPower Us! From Crisis to Strategic Harmony (2020); Digital Marketing Integrating Strategies and Tactics with Human-centered Values (2021- 2nd edition)

Ella Feathers is a student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a deep commitment to equity and sustainability. I want to encourage others to make a shift into their own mindsets. In many ways, Gen Z is making this shift organically. We are more eco-conscious, demanding of inclusivity, and sensitive to the social responsibilities of business than previous generations. However, we still need direction to transform the status quo. EmPower Us! is a GPS guiding that transformation. It speaks to the NextGen, challenging Us to drive the change rather than be complicit in the broken world we’ve inherited. It encourages readers to have an “internal revolution,” changing their hearts to change their minds and amplify action.