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    youth movement to bring people together?

  • Promoting Gender Parity Legacy International is proud to be a
    champion of gender inclusivity and
    recognizes the social, economic, cultural,
    and political achievements of women
    and #PressForProgress.

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Impact Stories
  • World Refugee Day: PFP Alumna Seeks Rights for Those Without

    On this World Refugee Day, what will you do to support Refugees and make sure everyone receives their civil rights? Read here to learn how Rayan, PFP Alumna and Palestinian Refugee, is working to ensure all people have access to their basic rights and more.

  • A True Story About Facing Challenges

    It was the Spring of 1998 when I met Ella Chugina, a young non-profit manager from Perm, Russia. Ella was selected along with 4 others from the region to participate in a U.S. Department of State training program[1] conducted by Legacy International.

  • Celebrate Earth Day Everyday with PFP Alumna & Co-Founder of Green Sewing

    Selma, a 2021 PFP Alumna, was in her third year of studies at École Polytechnique d’Architecture et D’Urbanisme when she took part in a social entrepreneurship program and was struck by inspiration.

  • Legacy Staff Reflects on Women’s History Month

    As Women’s History Month comes to an end, we would like to share with you the following responses from Legacy team members about what International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month means to us.

  • PFP Alumna Working to Empower Women and Preserve Local Heritage in Lebanon

    This International Women’s Day, we would like to highlight the work of Martine Zaarour. A 2019 PFP Alumna and founder of Jar Thuraya, Martine is dedicated to empowering local Lebanese women to create lasting social impact.

  • SYLEP Alumni Raising Awareness Around Cancer

    In honor of World Cancer Day, we would like to share the story of one of the 2019 Saudi Young Leaders Exchange Program (SYLEP) alumni, Ali Sulais. Ali is currently a psychiatry resident in Saudi Arabia, and has been passionate about raising awareness around cancer since 2017.

  • May the New Year bring you joy, peace, and happiness.

    Today, and every day at Legacy International, is about gaining perspective and applying practical ways to address needs. By seeing through the eyes of others, listening and feeling the needs and the hopes of our fellow human beings, we have proven we can implement change for the common good. The process I call “Creating a New Tomorrow Today.”

  • New Social Justice Technology: Know Your Reyets

    Wa’il Ashshowwaf participated in the 2019 Professional Fellows Program as a Fellowship Host. He also travelled to Morocco in January

  • World Arabic Language Day: Why We Must Preserve the Arabic Language

    In honor of World Arabic Language Day, we sat down with Alaa, a Legacy Alumna and Arabic language teacher, to learn more about her experience teaching the Arabic language. She shared with us the importance of preserving this historically significant language.

  • “Just Snap Out of It!?”: How One Non-Profit Chose a More Constructive Response to Pandemic Stress

    The COVID-19 global pandemic has been challenging for so many people. Many have lost jobs, and businesses have closed, many have gotten sick and even lost loved ones. Often, families and friends kept apart have felt deeply lonely (especially during the holiday season), just aching for a hug, but also fearing getting too close. In these trying times, individuals, businesses, governments, and non-profits are showing a rarely seen broad-scale public burnout.

  • Women in Political and Peacebuilding Spaces

    Diversity in spaces where policy, legislation, human rights and peacebuilding are being discussed is imperative in any country. Women of all races, ethnicities and backgrounds are deserving of a seat at the tables where these conversations are held. More than half of humankind is female with invaluable and unique perspectives on world and gender issues.

  • Missed Last Week’s Global Viewpoints Forum? Catch Up Here.

    On Wednesday, November 25th esteemed guests, Pastor Dan Harrison of the Choctaw nation and Kung Fu Grand Master Jessie Teasley of the Lakota nation led the Global Viewpoints Forum in a discussion of “Eco-Warriorism: Indigenous Wisdom”.

  • LivingSidebySideⓇ

    In our highly divided, competitive, and fast-paced society, the value of social cohesion is spoken about but has lost its emphasis in the last decade. While the world feels filled with hate, conflict, and oppressive systems being exposed more every day, there are resources available to combat these issues.

  • Missed Last Week’s Global Viewpoints Forum? Catch Up Here! How to Eat Nutritiously During COVID & Why it Matters

    Mitra Rash joined us this week for our most recent Global Viewpoints Forum. As a Certified Nutritionist, Mitra shared a variety of tips on how to eat nutritiously during COVID and why it matters.

  • Missed our last Global Viewpoints Forum? Catch up here! Steering a Global Nonprofit through the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Erik Dyson joined us last Wednesday at our Global Viewpoints Forum to share some insight on how companies and organizations are adapting to the pandemic.

  • Professional Fellows Alumni Impact Award Winner – Fall 2020

    Abdo Magdy is an alumni of Department of State’s Professional Fellows Program and the honorable awardee of the 2020 Alumni Impact Award. The prestigious Professional Fellows Program Alumni Impact Award (AIA) from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs recognizes exceptional contributions made by Professional Fellows Program Alumni to their communities.

  • Missed our last Global Viewpoint Forum? Catch up here: The Power and Perils of Political Engagement.

    Zaki Barzinji is an alum of Legacy International’s Global Youth Village. A former participant in the early 2000s at the campus in Bedford, Virginia, Zaki has gone on to work as a Public Affairs consultant, and has a passion for bridge-building and engaging marginalized groups politicall

  • A Case For The Arts: What Does Music Have To Do With Important Issues Facing Our Planet And Our Societies?

    Music is my passion. It animates and inspires me, and I love to observe how music can make connections between people of different cultures. In my professional life I am a musician, an academic and an educator. I also serve on Legacy International’s Board of Directors because the organization’s values and mission align so clearly with my approach.

  • 2020 – A Heart Pause in Never-ending Tension

    How did Legacy International respond to the COVID-19 crisis? A Heart Pause and an Intentional Pivot to meet the direct needs of today’s youth. A staff member’s perspective during COVID 19.

  • The Power and Perils of Political Engagement

    Join us on Wednesday, October 14th at 12pm EDT for the next Global Viewpoints Forum with guest speaker Zaki Barzinji! Zaki is a public affairs consultant with a passion for bridge-building and storytelling. He will be talking about both his personal experiences and the broader issue of marginalized communities engaging both in politics and with government officials to affect change while not being taken for granted or compromising on their principles.

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