Peacebuilding and Dialogue

Legacy International offers training experiences that foster inter-ethnic, racial, and religious understanding among youths and young adults facing troubled circumstances – in the U.S. or abroad.


Developed over forty years of working with adolescents and young adults, the principles and curriculum of LSBS offer teachers, youth workers, and students new insight into shared universal values, recognition of more productive roles we play in both collaborative and competitive environments, and expands capacity to hash out differences appropriately and productively. Participants gain the skills and shift in perspectives needed to begin to break cycles of intolerance and violence and transition from a culture of conflict to a culture of participation, with respect for rule of law.


Global Youth Village

Global Youth Village is the unique summer program where LSBS was developed and help train over 5000 teens from across the world to transform their communities and be true global citizens.

Legacy International Programs: