Our Approach

Legacy International equips emerging leaders to transform their values and vision into sustainable success. Our projects have spanned 6 continents and gives us a strong understanding of social, cultural, and religious underpinnings and the ability to adapt program models to various cultural contexts.

Signature Methods

We seek out and support individuals with a commitment to social responsibility and a vision for their communities. Legacy offers practical ways to develop skills in leadership, cross-cultural communications, and creative and critical thinking. By mentoring them through the practical application phase, we ensure they become more effective leaders and coalition builders.

Developed over forty years, our successful programs provide civic education, capacity building for entrepreneurs, conflict resolution techniques, and leadership development to communities around the world. In each of our programs we do the following things:

  • Build common ground based on universally-accepted values

  • Create a “learning community” among participants

  • Frame training around best-of-class models

  • Provide perspectives and resources from teams of experts

  • Offer small grants and mentoring to support the application of new skills

Lady catering at a volunteer event

Our commitment to inclusion stems from core values and our mission.

Legacy’s programs utilize a multi-step process, culminating in what we call the “multiplier effect,” as participants share and expand the reach of their knowledge.  Steps include:

Exposure to models

Through site visits, discussion forums, and meetings participants are exposed to multiple successful models of civic engagement, leadership, and economic empowerment on the local and national level.

Information Gathering and Education

Learning how one’s government works; the importance of rule of law, and where the opportunities for developing better ecosystems for economic development lie.

Skills development-

Developing skills in leadership, business acumen, stakeholder relations, community development, advocacy, dialogue and conflict resolution, management and storytelling…

Need assessment-

Identifying a need in their local community and creating and implementing a project to address that need.

The “Multiplier Effect”-

In all our programs, participants are required to share what they have learned with their communities through forums and discussions. Additionally, we train trainers to pass on their training to others, for an exponential growth of knowledge.

Legacy International Programs: