Living Side by Side®

Developed over forty years of working with adolescents and young adults, the principles and curriculum of LSBS offer teachers, youth workers, and students new insight into shared universal values, recognition of more productive roles we play in both collaborative and competitive environments, and expands capacity to hash out differences appropriately and productively.

What is it?

A practical training program for teachers and youth workers that will result in truly peaceful and productive classrooms and activities! LivingSidebySideⓇ (LSBS) opens the door to self- and social awareness, as well as to the communication and dialogue skills that make engaged, respectful conversations and relationships possible. In today’s political climate, these skills are essential to ensure that people of different backgrounds and perspectives can find common ground and move toward peaceful resolution of our differences.

Living side by side

To bring LivingSidebySide® to your city, school district, organization, or country, please contact us for more information.

LivingSidebySide® Offerings:

Facilitating Change among diverse sectors of our Communities: community leaders, activists, law enforcement, religious and youth leaders, refugees, and others


(Afterschool and in school options) for the 36-hour LSBS program

  • Middle school curriculum
  • High school curriculum
  • Professional Development for Educators and staff- One –six-day workshops
  • College and University: Nine-hour Dialogue training for students

Non Profits

Workshops to promote equity, teamwork, dignity, and empathy

  • “Relationship Building Blocks”
  • “Facilitating Difficult Conversations”
  • “Conflict Prevention and Resolution”
  • “Youth -designed and led school and community projects”


Full curriculum available with consultation

  • Used yearly since 1983 at Legacy’s international summer camp: Global Youth Village
  • Legacy’s flagship program since 1979
  • 25 hours of LivingSidebySide® is included in the program.

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