Missed Last Week’s Global Viewpoints Forum with Dr. Rain Warren? Catch Up Here!

Thursday, July 23rd, our Global Viewpoints Forum turned into a mini-reunion as Lorraine “Dr. Rain” Warren, Ph.D., shared her expertise on “RECONCILIATION: What is it to be reconciled within one’s self, one’s community, and one’s world?” Many friends, family, and alumni of Legacy International gathered for Dr. Rain’s wholehearted and honest interpretations of the importance of listening to better ourselves, our relationships, and our community. Dr. Rain created an atmosphere of laughter, love, and empowerment, as she encouraged us to reflect on ourselves and enhance our listening skills in order to have a stronger understanding of different perspectives.

Did you miss the talk? You can watch it on Youtube!

Dr. Rain is currently developing a project called, “Creating a World that Listens”, in which she takes red chairs to public places and provides a peaceful space in which she simply listens to the issues and concerns of everyday people. Often, she asks them to respond to the question, “What would you say if you knew the world would listen?” She has had profound conversations with all races and ages of people from 6 to 93 years of age. This project was inspired by her research in Rwanda interviewing survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. Many of the survivors stated that “over 800, 000 lives could have been saved if the world had listened.”

Dr. Rain holds a MA/PhD in Community, Liberation, Eco Psychologies, Masters degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Higher Education Administration. She completed her undergraduate degree at one of the nation’s first HBCUs Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. She began her work and relationship with the Global Youth Village in 1996 and has served as the Peace-building and Dialogue instructor for several years. Legacy International and the Global Youth Village will always remain near and dear to her heart.