The Global Youth Village 2020

This summer teens from more than 15 countries will gather at our camp in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  While all around us swirls messages of hopelessness, the international youth summit brings together people who care about making this planet and our communities sustainable.  Youth return home ready to take practical action. Dai Vyon of the Crow Reservation in Montana is part of a Food Justice Program eliminating hunger on the rez.   Baylee in Kansas is an agricultural leader, raising dairy goats and learning firsthand how to improve  breeding and the herd’s health.  This spring, she is donating one of her new baby goats to a  young person to pass along the  joys of raising an animal.   Ahmed from Egypt is training women and young people in his community how to use the computer and helping them build employment skills. Unemployment in his country leads to despair,  he is creating hope. 

For over forty years, Legacy International and the Global Youth Village has provided a valuable summer experience that effectively helps each generation  look toward the future with hope. We focus on raising awareness,  decreasing anxiety and alarm and giving leadership tools to help teens feel  a sense of purpose.  

The international summit at the Global Youth Village gives teens a chance to:

  • Learn from experts and champions in peace & conflict, human rights, and climate action.
  • Act and mobilize others – create working groups to develop solutions.
  • Become a communicator, innovator, decision maker
  • Develop a youth advocacy toolkits to precipitate local community change

Not only does GYV tackle issues surrounding climate action and advocacy, but participants also experience full-immersion in nature. Youths live in an untouched, natural setting, free from digital distractions, and are encouraged to connect to the natural environment around them, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and at peace.

” The Global Youth Village was the best choice I could have made for my child.  We moved to a new country and she felt out of place, but after making friends and talking about subjects she cared deeply about. I could see she felt she had  a voice and had new energy  and confidence. ”  Sarah – parent

” I would say the best part was making friends with like-minded people and all the laughs we shared. ” Bethany – 2019 participant.