Global Viewpoints Forum: In Search of the Common Good

Social isolation and pre-recorded webinars got you feeling disconnected and a little worn out? Craving genuine personal interaction and networking in a LIVE setting with other transformative community leaders from around the world? Looking to reconnect to a sense of purpose, reflection, understanding and inspiration? If you answered yes, then join us this June at the Global Viewpoints Forum!

In Search of the Common Good: Finding Mutually Beneficial Solutions for A Deeply Divided World

Even a cursory read of recent newspaper headlines reveals that America- like much of the world-is in a state of deep division over issues of justice, fairness, equality and equity. How do we achieve these outcomes while working for the common good? And furthermore, what is the common good? Whether you have attended before, or are new to the forum, we welcome everyone to join the conversation Thursday, June 18th at 12 EST on Zoom.  To get the ball rolling on the discussion, we have the pleasure of starting the forum with a presentation by three learned speakers, Dr. Eric J. Hearst (Ed.D), a social worker, educator and human services professional, Mr. Jack Solano, a public interest attorney focusing on immigration issues, and Mr. Robert Azeem Jackson III, a community-builder based at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) & NYU Metro Center, where he uses his knowledge of data science, protest & liberation, to serve his community. An interactive question and answer as well as discussion session will follow as well as time for networking following the event.

Dr. Eric Hearst has dedicated his career to social work, serving as an advocate and ally for students of all ages facing complex behavioral, social, and psychological challenges. Dr. Hearst served as a School Social Worker for Loudoun County Public Schools in Northern Virginia and St. John’s Community Services in Washington, DC.  Dr. Hearst has also served as a Field Instructor and Part-time Lecturer for the Master of Social Work Programs at George Mason and Rutgers Universities. He has an earned Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership (Higher Education) degree from Argosy University and a Master of Social Work and Bachelor of Science in Human Development from Howard University. Pursuing a shift in his vocation, Dr. Hearst returned to full-time study in the fall of 2016 and has recently graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary with a dual degree (Master of Divinity/Master of Arts in Christian Education and Formation). He can be found on LinkedIn.

Mr. Jack Solano grew up in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. He studied Political Theory and Political Philosophy at Howard University. While at Howard, he participated in the activist community, worked as an investigator at D.C. Public Defenders, and decided to pursue a career in law. After graduating with a joint degree, he continued his education at Harvard Law School. There, he focused on public interest legal practice, working for two years as a student attorney with an organization dedicated to protecting the rights of low-income tenants and homeowners. After a short stint as a Litigator, he quit his law firm to pursue a career in the federal government. Mr. Jack Solano is a public interest attorney focusing on immigration issues. He can be found on LinkedIn.

Mr. Robert Azeem Jackson III is a former Global Youth Village alum from Virginia, by way of Delaware.  The perspective and healing he gained and felt, respectively, while attending the Global Youth Village has been foundational in his career and personal journey.  The former Georgetown School of Foreign Service and Columbia University Teachers College Alum accredits GYV for his empathy-driven approach to leadership and community building.  Currently, Rob works at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) & NYU Metro Center, where he uses his knowledge of data science, protest & liberation, and global studies to serve his community. He can be found on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Check out these suggested materials before Thursday: 

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Legacy friends and Alumni gathered again this past Thursday at noon on Zoom for “Gamification to Make the World a Better Place” to discuss an exciting method of increasing engagement in business, non-profit, or community project settings. Ms. Snjezana Slabek, award-winning gamification expert, opened the forum conversation, demonstrating how incorporating well-designed video games into training and learning activities can motivate and challenge adults and youth alike. She pointed out that such games are much more than a system of points, and ribbons, but rather an appeal to our innate desire for self-improvement, to travel on our own “hero’s journey”. By harnessing the power of this epic storytelling, companies and non-profits can get their employees and stakeholders excited about learning and “winning” on behalf of their organization’s goals.

Ms. Slabek is an author and instructional designer of many game-based learning and e-learning projects with a proven ability to develop corporate training programs that target business objectives by increasing engagement and competencies of employees. She has also been a TEDx presenter, and a guest speaker on knowledge management, digital learning, gamification and lifelong learning. In 2016 she was awarded the “Future Leaders” award for women’s leadership and excellence. Twice (2014, 2016) she won the National Human Resources Award, “Best HR Practice” for projects in the fields of knowledge and innovation management. For her achievements in the area of digital and social learning 2016, she was among the top ten “Movers and Shakers” in Europe, selected by Training Press Releases (UK). In 2017, Snjezana was named in the “Platinum Section” of the World’s annual “Movers and Shakers” list, among 100 the most influential people in digital learning, selected by Snjezana graduated from Computer Science and received her  Master’s Degree in using digital technologies in business. She is also a certified international trainer in the field of project and knowledge management and holds an international NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) certificate.  Missed the talk? Watch it here on Youtube!


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