Global Viewpoints Forum: In Search of the Common Good

Even a cursory read of recent newspaper headlines reveals that America- like much of the world-is in a state of deep division over issues of justice, fairness, equality and equity. How do we achieve these outcomes while working for the common good? And furthermore, what is the common good? Whether you have attended before, or are new to the forum, we welcome everyone to join the conversation Thursday, June 18th at 12 EST on Zoom.

Global Viewpoints Forum: SoliDARnos: The Art of Solidarity

Moments of national health and security crisis can often be critical junctures: do we as community members drift apart and become divisive or do we draw together in solidarity? This Thursday, U.S. Fulbright Scholar in Poland, Ms. Joanna Pottle, will show how we can turn crises into opportunities for solidarity- through art! Ms. Pottle asserts that solidarity is a human gift we all possess and that we can express through our creativity.

Global Viewpoints Forum – Service: An Exploration

Want to live a meaningful life, to leave a positive legacy in this world, but are not sure where to start? Do you feel like something is holding you back from expressing your full potential? Then come join our Global Viewpoints Forum for Maurice Bassett’s talk, “Service: An Exploration” this Thursday at 10AM EST on Zoom (please note time change to 10AM!).

Global Viewpoints Forum: The Importance of Global Health Education

Looking to connect with like-minded community changers? Seeking inspiration in a time of global health challenges? Want to talk with a renowned expert on how to develop an organization or business that has a major impact on the world? Then join us for the next Global Viewpoints Forum, this Thursday at noon on Zoom, for an informative presentation by Dr. Harold Robles

Global Viewpoints Forum: Social Media for Social Good

Want to better promote your personal or professional image or brand? Looking to connect with like-minded changemakers around the world? Then join us this Thursday at noon on Zoom for “Social Media for Social Good: Cause Marketing and Your Brand” with digital mogul Danielle Ricks!