Global Viewpoints Forum – Service: An Exploration


Social isolation and pre-recorded webinars got you feeling disconnected and a little worn out? Looking to reconnect to a sense of purpose and inspiration? Then join us as we continue our #MotivationMay series…


with Maurice Bassett, this Thursday at 10am EST

Want to live a meaningful life, to leave a positive legacy in this world, but are not sure where to start? Do you feel like something is holding you back from expressing your full potential? Want to network with others who also are seeking to live their best lives? 

Then come join our Global Viewpoints Forum for Maurice Bassett’s talk, “Service: An Exploration” this Thursday at 10AM EST on Zoom (please note time change to 10AM!). In this illuminating talk, Maurice Bassett will discuss share his 5 core principles to inspire you to: 

  • Unlock the capacity you already have for more empowering service!
  • Overcome inhibitions and challenges that prevent meaningful service!
  • Use your professional training to show up in a bigger way for the greater good!

Maurice Bassett describes himself as a “student of motivation” and has deep interests in humanistic psychology and personal development.  He enjoys a good bike ride, a good swim, and a good glass of freshly made juice.  In recent years, Maurice has become an advocate for homeopathic medicine and has also studied and embraced numerous healing modalities.  His work in the real estate, computer training, publishing and coaching industries has given him a diverse background of customer service, sales, marketing and management experience.  Since 2001, Maurice has also established a reputation as an independent publisher in the fields of business, psychology and personal development, with best-selling authors including Steve Chandler, Albert Schweitzer and Abraham Maslow.


If Love Were the Intention of Currency, Would Care be its Purpose?

Last Thursday at 12 noon, Mr. Aissa Azzouzi delivered a thought-provoking talk, “If Love Were the Intention of Currency, Would Care be its Purpose?” Legacy guests and alumni were encouraged to examine our intentions and goals: whether we are using our multiple forms of capital (time, energy, health, and monetary wealth etc.) to earn trust, manifest love, and express care, or are we acting simply for the purpose of accumulating more?  Mr. Azzouzi contended that a radically new, constructive, world is possible, if we build it on a foundation of right intentions and purpose.

In a Question and Answer session that followed, questions submitted by both chat and on video sought to determine what kinds of steps we as community leaders could take to make a changes. Mr. Azzouzi stressed “voting with our dollars” (investing in goods and services of value-based companies), spreading awareness of the need for examining our own values, and increasing transparency through some form of measurement of companies’ real actions toward love and care. After the session, participants engaged in a half-hour of networking to further chat and mingle. Mr. Aissa Azzouzi is the founding partner of Growth Train Africa, an accelerator for start-ups and social enterprises in Africa with. Mr. Azzouzi has more than 30 years of experience, first as a strategy consultant, thereafter as a COO, CFO, CSO, CIO, HR Director & CRO for the international mid-caps High Tech Groups, and several years as an entrepreneur in the Fintech/software industry. Recently, he served as CFO, Director of IT and Strategy, and Chief Risk Officer at the United Nations. In addition to being the co-founder of Global Transformation Corps, a US-based NGO, he is also a board member for the High Atlas Foundation USA and Morocco as well as Z3 Capital Investment Fund. 

Missed the talk? Watch the recording here:


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