Global Viewpoints Forum: Solidarity & Service: Why We Must Unite to Win the Fight

“Everybody can be great… because everybody can serve.” In making that statement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recognized the power we all have within us to enact change. Service allows individuals to connect human-to-human in the face of injustice and to embody the change they would like to see in the world. This Thursday, June 25th at 12 ET on Zoom, Mr. Antoine L. Battle will lead an interactive discussion on service and solidarity. Over the course of the event you will: 

  • Learn how and why service and volunteerism are playing a critical role in the COVID-19 disease pandemic. 
  • Discuss the importance of service and solidarity in fighting against global challenges 
  • Explore ways we can unite to fight against COVID-19 and issues that have been exacerbated by the pandemic 
  • Hear personal examples from lived experience 
  • Join breakout and networking session which will include a free resource list 

       You do not want to miss this exciting session!

Whether you have attended before, or are new to the forum, we welcome everyone to join the conversation. We have the pleasure of starting the presentation with Mr. Antoine L. Battle. An interactive question and answer will follow the presentation as well as time for informal networking after the event.

Mr. Antoine L. Battle is a Professional Fellows Program (PFP) alumnus, having served as an American Delegate to Morocco (2017) and Egypt (2018) with Legacy International. He has experience leading U.S. national service, international volunteerism, emergency preparedness, and civic engagement programs that engage and impact people from numerous walks of life. Recently, Mr. Battle completed Georgetown and Florida International University’s inaugural International Business and Public Program, which included site visits and meetings at the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington, DC) and VISA Innovation Center (Miami, Florida). He is also a 2020 PFP Alumni Impact Award nominee and African Community Service Award awardee. 

You can find Mr. Battle on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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