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end-of-year-alaeddinName: Alaeddin Tantush

Country: Libya

Program: Professional Fellows Program

Legacy Leader Profile: Alaeddin, 32, participated in our Professional Fellows Program, a capacity building program for civil society professionals from North Africa. Alaeddin believes in the power of civil society to overcome problems of instability, transparency and corruption, which are currently challenging his country. He is one of the founding members of his company’s staff union and an activist member in employees’ labor rights. Through participating in the Professional Fellows Program he has increased his ability to leverage his position and belief for greater social good.

“With hard work, I believe that 10 years from now we can transfer Libya from our current situation to a more stable, organized and trustworthy society and put the country on the right track of democracy, freedom and people’s rights. I hope I will get the opportunity to make some positive changes to benefit lots of people and enhance their lives.”

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Since 2010, more than 170 Professional Fellows from Algeria, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Oman, and Tunisia have been placed in U.S. organizations, including service organizations, advocacy groups, grassroots organizations, federal agencies, and congressional offices engaged in capacity-building and professional development initiatives that serve civil society development. This year alone, over 4000 people have been impacted by projects developed by these fellows upon their return home.

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