Alumni Spotlight: Sabreen

World poetry day, march 21

In recognition of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and World Poetry Day. We are sharing a powerful poem from Legacy International alum, Sabreen. Sabreen is a Global Youth Village Alum from 2012 – 2013 and was a TechGirls staff member from 2014-2016 *** Hands up, don’t shoot! and he was not one…

Support Legacy Leaders: Elias

“This experience has changed me in such a good way. Because of AYLP, I am able to identify problems and approach solutions from a standpoint of using renewable resources.”

Support Legacy Leaders: Jessel

“I think that I am in this world with one more opportunity, and this opportunity life gave me I use to rescue the kids here … so that they don’t live the difficulty I lived.”

Support Legacy Leaders: Alaeddin

“With hard work, I believe that 10 years from now we can transfer Libya from our current situation to a more stable, organized and trustworthy society and put the country on the right track of democracy, freedom and people’s rights.”