Advocate for Disabled Travels to Cyprus

Garrett greets young children in Cyprus

Garrett Brumfield travelled as chaperone with the American Youth Leadership Program. This program is highly inclusive with an equal number youths who are non-disabled and those with disabilities.

It focuses on the theme of environment and climate change. Participants explore why sustainable management of resources is imperative, learn about careers in science, technology and environmental resource management, and work cooperatively with Cypriot peers to promote environmental stewardship.

Garrett is used to challenge, and noted, “It was a life-changing event. I went out of my comfort zone.” He found that while it was hard to get around on the island, he was inspired to promote awareness for accessibility. He commented that people took note of him, as most had never seen a mobility scooter.

AYLP participants in Cyprus – Summer 2015

When he was asked, “What did you take away from the trip?” His reply, “I want to be an international advocate for the disabled. I want people to see [that] you can travel. Even if everything isn’t smooth, it works out.”

Read interview with Garrett  by Cathy Benson of  Brumfield of ‘Overcome Yours’ Travels with Legacy International to Cyprus”.

AYLP is a leadership training and exchange program for U.S. high school students and adult mentors. It is supported by a grant from the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by Legacy International.