Support Legacy Leaders: Elias

Support Legacy Leaders

Name: Elias Mosby

Country: United States

Program: American Youth Leadership Program – Cyprus

Legacy Leader Profile: Elias Mosby is a high school  junior at  Van Alstyne High School in Texas.

Elias was raised to not think of the Earth as a resource, but an “heirloom”.  In Summer 2016 he and 15 other US high school students acted as cultural ambassadors to Cyprus as part of the American Youth Leadership Program (AYLP.)   The group traveled coast to coast in Cyprus, making lifelong friendships with over 60 Cypriots.   Upon his return to the US,  Eli has taken his stewardship to the next level, making the school recycling program more efficient and  creating  a solar panel charging station so students could charge their phones, tablets, etc.

“This experience has changed me in such a good way. Because of AYLP, I am able to identify problems and approach solutions from a standpoint of using renewable resources.”

What Legacy Are You Leaving? Through the generous donations of partner organizations and individuals we can provide global leaders like Elias with the tools to create a lasting Legacy in his community. Since 2015, 37 US teens and adults traveled to Cyprus living with host families in the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities.  They represented 20 different states and interacted with over 120 Cypriots.  Their environmental projects at home affected an additional 1000 peers in 20 different communities. Your donation creates real, practical, and sustainable change by supporting a global network of youth leaders spanning five continents. If you are a Federal Employee: (or have a relative or friend who is- please tell them) You can donate directly in the “Youth Leaders for the Future: A Legacy Initiative” #11143 in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

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