Support Legacy Leaders: Navruzbek

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lsbs-end-of-yearName: Navruzbek Saifidinov

Country: Kyrgyzstan

Program: LivingSideBySide®  

Legacy Leader Profile: Navruzbek was a participant with our LivingSidebySide® Peace Building Programs that fosters inter-ethnic, racial, and religious understanding among youths and young adults facing troubled circumstances — in the US or abroad.  In the months he was involved he began to study better, to be more sociable, and made friends with his peers.  Navruzbek’s mother thanked trainers for the changes that happened in her son. She reports he has become more kind and tolerant. After each lesson, Navruzbek conducted seminars for his brothers about tolerance, and shared all the new skills he had learned. The program helped him to to build new relationships with teachers and classmates; and most importantly with his family.

“There is no bad nationality, there are only people with negative character traits.”

What Legacy Are You Leaving? Through the generous donations of partner organizations and individuals we can provide global leaders like Navruzbek with the tools to create a lasting Legacy in his community.

Over 10,000 persons have benefited from 60 projects that were done as part of LivingSidebySide® in Kyrgyzstan.

Your donation creates real, practical, and sustainable change by supporting a global network of youth leaders spanning five continents. If you are a Federal Employee: (or have a relative or friend who is- please tell them) You can donate directly in the “Youth Leaders for the Future: A Legacy Initiative” #11143 in the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

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