Thinking Beyond The Classroom: The Dilemma of Social Status

Social status is a fraught topic for humans. We each seek some assurance that we have sufficient social power to be respected. The dilemma of social status begins early in life, but becomes acute with the onset of puberty, as children begin to see themselves as individuals separate from their parents.

Thinking Beyond The Classroom: Inclusive School Community?

What is the best way to create an inclusive school culture? How can a school leader promote a feeling of belonging for everyone in that school community: from the dyslexic second grader to the sole African-American in sixth grade, from the student whose parents speak Chinese at home to the divorced teacher trying to raise three children on one teacher’s salary, from the part-time worker in the cafeteria who struggles to pay his bills and has to work two jobs to do so to the elegantly dressed tutor who can afford to work part-time? Each child and adult in a school community has a different story to tell. Each one longs for connection, validation, affirmation.

Thinking Beyond The Classroom: Respect

Teachers who grew up and began teaching as members of the dominant American culture may have an idea that students should respect them simply because they are teachers, and “teachers deserve respect.”

Diversity Within Diversity – Goals for Professional Development Trainings

How many goals do we factor in when we consider attending professional development Workshops? Legacy’s LivingSidebySide® workshop on Relationship Building Blocks focuses on self-awareness and empathy, increasing self-confidence and trust, and providing tools to work with colleagues, students, and others.