Missed Last Week’s Global Viewpoints Forum with Dr. Rain Warren? Catch Up Here!

Thursday, July 23rd, our Global Viewpoints Forum turned into a mini-reunion as Lorraine “Dr. Rain” Warren, Ph.D., shared her expertise on “RECONCILIATION: What is it to be reconciled within one’s self, one’s community, and one’s world?” Many friends, family, and alumni of Legacy International gathered for Dr. Rain’s wholehearted and honest interpretations of the importance of listening to better ourselves, our relationships, and our community.

Global Viewpoints Forum: 10 Tips to Land Your Spot on a TEDx Stage

Have you been wanting to give a TEDx talk to increase your influence and impact, but haven’t yet been invited? The truth is that most TEDx speakers don’t get invited—they get selected through a highly competitive process. If you have an idea that matters, the TEDx stage is a fantastic platform to share your story and message with the world. It can also do milestones for your business—especially if you’re a speaker, author, coach, or consultant.