Environmental Sustainability During COVID: Greenish

Greenish was co-founded by Shady Khalil, an alumnus of the 2019 Professional Fellows Program, with the intent to increase awareness of environmental sustainability and to empower and engage environmental activists around the Middle East and North Africa. Like many companies in 2020, Greenish faced many difficult decisions in the wake of COVID-19

Countering Violent Extremism by Investing in Youth as Partners

Join us on Thursday August 27th, 2020 for the next Global Viewpoints Forum with Ahlem Nasraoui. She will be speaking about her work within the Young Leaders Entrepreneurs and sharing experiences and work tools from three projects (Unleash, Peace Lab, and Peaceathon). She will give tips on building peace in vulnerable communities while engaging youth as partners.

Missed the Global Viewpoints Forum with Thomas Lee? Catch Up Here!

If you missed our discussion on Practicing Humility, Empathy, and Interconnectedness in Global Public Health with GYV alum Thomas Lee you can catch up here. Tommy shared some personal stories about his past and how he was met with humility, empathy and interconnections in his life and how that relates to Global Public Health and to the world we are living now during the global pandemic.