Summer Leadership Institute: Mexico 2023

In June, six young leaders and one educator traveled from Mexico to Washington DC for one week to learn about US culture, history, leadership, community engagement, and more. They had a full week of activities, ranging from tours of the US Capitol and White House to volunteering with organizations such as Capital Area Food Bank…

Promoting Democracy: Pathway To Peace & Development

May 26 at 12:00-1:15pm One individual can change the world by making clear choices, continually investing in oneself, working determinedly on a dream, and replicating professionalism in progressively expanding operational contexts and geographic/demographic spheres. Our speaker Dr. Jeff Balch will talk about about his path from student activist to knighthood; about the choices he made along the…

New Social Justice Technology: Know Your Reyets

Wa’il Ashshowwaf participated in the 2019 Professional Fellows Program as a Fellowship Host. He also travelled to Morocco in January 2020 as a delegate where he presented workshops and facilitate training sessions in addition to connecting with alumni of the program in support of their work.  In this day and age, the rise of protests…

Our Climate Crisis: Turning Angst into Action

Feeling a little anxious about the state of the environment? You are not alone. A recent Pew Center Poll revealed that majorities in most countries surveyed find global climate change a major threat to their nation, with concerns only rising since 2013. Moreover, in 13 out of the 26 surveyed countries climate change was actually perceived as the top threat. Join us on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 12:00PM Eastern for the next Global Viewpoints Forum!

Countering Violent Extremism by Investing in Youth as Partners

Join us on Thursday August 27th, 2020 for the next Global Viewpoints Forum with Ahlem Nasraoui. She will be speaking about her work within the Young Leaders Entrepreneurs and sharing experiences and work tools from three projects (Unleash, Peace Lab, and Peaceathon). She will give tips on building peace in vulnerable communities while engaging youth as partners.

Global Viewpoints Forum: Measuring & Evaluating Success

Building a social project or business and want to grab the attention of funders and investors? Looking to hone your impact pitch? Then join us Thursday, April 16th at 12 noon EST on Zoom for “Taking the Guesswork Out of Impact Measurement” with Avery Ouellette

Agricultural Youth Leadership

Kelsie (Hanlontown, Iowa) attended Global Youth Village this past summer, and was one of six students selected to be part of the Youth Leadership Program — Turkey & USA. This U.S. Department of State initiative links young farmers who are opening the eyes of their peers to food production and careers in agriculture.

Zero Discrimination Day: Defining Issues and Taking Action

ero Discrimination Day is observed to promote equality before the law and in practice of the law – throughout all the member countries of the United Nations. Launched by UNAIDS Executive Director Michel Sidibé, the first celebration of Zero Discrimination Day happened on March 1, 2014.

Social Cohesion in Action

Last year I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in a Social Cohesion Exchange programme between the UK and United States. The programme enabled me to learn from US community organisers and practitioners to develop a own social action project once I returned to the UK.